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Vihno Grass Starter

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Vihno Grass Starter Empty Vihno Grass Starter

Post  MrBCDummy on Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:46 pm

Pokémon: Vihno
Type: Grass
Rarity: Rare
LVL 1: (Growl) (Tackle)
LVL 6: (Leech Seed)
LVL 11: (Vine Whip)
LVL 17: (Endure) (Roar)
LVL 23: (Razor Leaf *Male) (Petal Dance *Female)
LVL 37: (Leaf Tornado *Male) (Leaf Storm *Female)
LVL 45: (Solar Beam) (Horn Drill)
LVL 52: (Skull Bash)
Looks: A small green rihno pokemon. It's small horn is on the tip of it's sharp beak nose. It has no ears and it's eyes are large and ovals. They always have an intense look to them. It's body is covered in vines and it has a small tail. It's eyes are black and it's block like feet are strong.
Ability: Overgrow
PokéDex: Vinho... This is one of the starter pokemon given to new trainers of the Rijingun region from Professor Tensai. Vihno are known for their healing abilities by absorbing the sunlight's energy with the vines that grow on their bodies. When sick their vines get dark and some die and disappear. When all are gone the Vihno should be taken to intensive care. Most Vihno are hard to find but there have been sightings in the forests around Stellar city.
Height: 1.5 feet tall 1.7 feet long
Weight: 20 lbs
Evolution: WIP

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