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Wotogna (enemy of chaos)

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Wotogna  (enemy of chaos) Empty Wotogna (enemy of chaos)

Post  Red100 on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:58 pm

Pokemon name: Wotogna
ability-Over power-when health is below 50% attack and special attack is increased by 50%., and the oppnets ability stops working.
Type-Fighting electrick
Type- Order pokemon
Can be found: In the Rijingun Region (At level 50)
Looks- Is 6'5 and 122Lbs. It looks much like a human. Its entire body is pure white with a white man, with blue electricity running through it. It has No mouth or ears nore hair on its head. It has bright blue eyes. It foot is shaped like a genesect. When it uses blue shock, it turns in to a dragon fighting type pokemon. It basicaly grow winds like a dragonite, the head of a slender dragon, grows scales, and has claws, and cant use blue shock. It will last for three turns, then transforms back in to its regular form and type, until used again.
pokedex entry- This pokemon seeks to keep order. It is said to live in mountains to travel the region and train in and on mountains.

Moves-Lv1- Blue shock- The user absorbes the surrounding energy around it, then lets out large waves of blue electricity that will leave the opposing pokemon paralyzed. It may also increase the users speed, attack, speacil attack, and speacial defense, and lower the opponets speed, and accuracy. Does damage epual to double the users level
lv1- tackle
lv2- leer
lv5- headbutt
lv7- bulk up
lv13- low sweep
lv14-thunder wave
lv17-shock wave
lv19-karate chop
lv23-mach punch
lv25- charge beam
lv28-me first
lv31- calm mind
lv35-fake out
lv36-close combat
lv38-wild charge
lv44-hi jump kick
lv48-skull bash
lv57-cross chop
lv64-thunder punch
lv65-ice punch
lv66-fire punch
Moves know at encounter-
Blue shock
Hi jump kick
Close combat
Shock wave
Rarity- legendary

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Wotogna  (enemy of chaos) Empty Re: Wotogna (enemy of chaos)

Post  rockon538 on Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:01 pm

like it APPROVED

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