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RULES!!!!!! Empty RULES!!!!!!

Post  MrBCDummy on Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:05 pm

The community rules are designed to ensure that community members respect the values of other members, and aim to protect members and staff around the community to ensure that it is an enjoyable, safe experience for all its members. These rules are set in conjunction with our terms of service. You may be punished for breaking these rules. If you have any questions about the following rules, please don't hesitate to contact a higher staff member (that is, a Super Moderator, or any Administrator).

- No Sexism
- No Racism
- No Ageism
- Keep Swearing To a Minimum
- No Spamming
- No Being Mean
- No impersonating Moderators
- No impersonating Administrators
- Do Not Create Multiple Account Without Permission
- Respect Everyone
- No Flaming
- Obey Topic Names Such As [Ash Only] or [Closed]
- No Necro posting
- No bugging The Mods Or Admins To Be A Mod

Avatar and Siggnature
This includes images placed in avatars, signatures, and post body that insult members; promote adult behavior and suggestive actions; violence; and/or pornography.

-You are allowed to upload images to your personal album, but make sure they comply by our rules. This means nothing inappropriate, whether in a private or public album.

-You are not allowed to upload enourmus siggnatures. Your siggnature can be an image or text. Videos are not allowed as siggnature.

Registration and Accounts
-Your user name will not change after registration
-Multiple accounts are not allowed, unless you are makeing it for someone else. And If you are makeing it, you amust inform administrators.
-Your username can not contain provocative or nasty words
-Please protect your account by not giving your information to anybody for any reason!

Profanity/Inappropriate language
The Pokemon World RPG community has a variety of audiences.
Inappropriate language (including sexual and adult content) and profanity is not allowed on the forums. Curse filters are implemented for a reason. It is not for you to bypass. Language used to bypass the filter such as
symbols, rearranged letters, etc. will treated the same as profanity. This includes substitute words.

Illegal Activities
Pokemon World RPG does not promote nor allow illegal activity in anyway. That includes discussions about illegal music downloads, private game servers, and/or illegal behavior. Threads with such discussions will be removed.

Activities that violate our Terms of Service and conduct will result in immediate account deletion. This includes discussing ‘hacks,’ ‘glitches,’ and ‘exploits,' unless Approved by an Admin.

When role playing you must stay in one thread if you wish to join another then you must say that you are leaving and going to that other thread for example. You are leaving a thread you no longer want to be in to join another.

Jack walked away from the group and out of sight.

Then you are free to join only ONE thread. ONLY ONE THREAD AT A TIME no more than one.

Holding Items

Pokemon may hold items that enhance their battle skills. Or have other effects on them. There is no maz amount of items that Pokemon can hold. They are not cosmetic changes. Which means that if Pikachu were hold thudnerstone it would not be included in all the posts it's as if Pikachu isn't even holding it.

PokeDex Uses
If you have a character with a pokedex there are a few things you can use that new pokedex for. First of all it allows you to scan the DNA of a pokemon you would like to find and you roll a die five times. If it's a six then you find that pokemon. If you dont get it then you are unable to use this feature for ten more posts.

Capturing Pokemon
When capturing a pokemon there are two diffent ways to try. When using a Master Ball it's an instant catch but using regular poke balls will then issue two different ways to catch pokemon. Roll a die if the pokemon has been injured you only need 3 and above. If theres been no damage inflicted you need 4 and above.

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