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Krydradeon ( The destroier pokemon)

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Krydradeon ( The destroier pokemon) Empty Krydradeon ( The destroier pokemon)

Post  Red100 on Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:07 am

Name: Krydradeon
Ability: Shock absorber- Absorbs all speacial attack moves Raising attack and speacil attack and reflects the attack back at 25% power. Evrey time it is hit by a physical move, the attacker suffers 25 damage.
Type: Dark rock
Type: Rampid pokemon
Can be found: Its location is kept secert in a distant, nearly unheard of reigon (Can be found at lvl 75, and cannot be captured by even a master ball,at least not with one)
Looks: Its entire body is made of a black, indestrucdible crystal, not found in nature. It is 12'7 and 2028Lbs. It stands on two stub chubby like legs. Its oval head is on its shoulders which come over his head and connect with each other. It has black eyes and large arms. Its body is very large, and on its lower back extends these horns that grow much like Meshono, only bigger, thicker,flater, and there black. The horns come over its head. It also has a power cor in the middle of its chest. It flows with dark energy. On its knees are 3ft long,6 inch thick, and 2 feet wide scyths goin upward with spikes in the side. And finalt it has a cannon like weapon on its arm.
Pokedex entry- It is the pokemon that nearly ended the world as we know it. It was created by an anceint civilization of humans as a gardian by combing the energy of a red volt from chaelikioas, a blue shock from wotogna, a gilgaths body, and the power of what was thought to be a mystic black tablet(later to be found out as the dread plate). It rampaged all over earth for 25 days in search of energy to feed its core, nearly draining the earth of life. Legand has it that it try to defeat arceus, which lead to its down fall.
Lv1- Dark Electro beam- Type:dark- Drains the enemy of half its health and transfers all of it to the user. The user must wait 2 turns before attacking again. Shoots a Pitch black beam of dark electricity.
Lv1-iron defense
Lv14-rock throw
Lv15-head smash
Lv28- Night daze
Lv32-dark void
Lv35- Metal claw
Lv40-giga impact
Lv55- hyper beam
Lv65- Darkreonium-Type:rock - The opponeit is bumbarded by a dark crystal like substance from every direction (Includin under ground) that leechs the oppents health by 20hp every turn. When the leeched pokemon faints, the rocks are stealth rock.
Lv77- Earth power
Moves known when encountered-
Dark electro beam
Iron defense
Head smash

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Krydradeon ( The destroier pokemon) Empty read it and....

Post  rockon538 on Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:02 pm

i read over this and i think its pretty good... i would so want to catch it! Very Happy

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