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Saint Parker

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Saint Parker Empty Saint Parker

Post  Red100 on Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:55 pm

Name: Saint Parker
Nickname: Chris
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Stellar city, Rijigun
Looks: 5'5, 100lbs with light brown eyes, white hair, and is dark skinned. Wears a black with red and white striped jacket with a white T under it and has on red and black shoes, with black and white cargo shorts, and a backpack.
Personality: He takes training seriously and one day seeks to become a gym leader.
History: Chris loved pokemon, and watching the occasonal gym battle near stellar city gym when the old gym leader would some times do battles at the sea front. But one day the gym leader left to chalange other gyms and become part of the elite four. For his tenth birthday he got an egg, of which his dad told him would take months to hatch. Then near his 11th birthday, out came a baby nincada. he was so happy. After about an a year and a half, chris would take strolls with nincada on the beach. One day as he was walking on the beach a wingull swooped down and tried to steal his sandwhich . Nincada scratched the bird and it flew away. Then he saw a boy walking up the beach put his hand out and the wingull perched its self on his hands. Chris came and confronted the boy. "HEY, your wingull just tried to swipe my sandwich!". The boy gave just turned looked at him and hit the sandwich out his hand."Now its a real sand which now." The boy luaghed and so did the wingull. "What you do that for!" " Quit whining, if you want to settle it, how about a battle?" "Fine." Chris had no battle experince, except what he see's on TV. "Alright Ill make the battle feild." The boy picked up a stick and draged it in the sand as he went in a big circle until he came to where he started, then went to one side of the circle, chris went to the other side. "You ready twerp?" "Ill show you whos a twerp." Chris exclaimed angerly. "Nincada Scratch." Nincada went towards the wingull, but it just went into the air. "End it with wing attack wingull!" Wingull came down with a wing attack, knocking Nincada straight out. "Ha ha, your right, you did show me who the twerp was, it was your little weak pokemon." The boy left, and chris got nincada and went to a pokemon center. his parents never found out so he decided to train his Nincada, and learn more about it until he felt he was ready to be a trainer. Now on his thritenth birthday, and his dad having gotten his pokedex and signing himup for the pokemon league, he feels he is ready to travel the region, and then th world.
Items: 5 Poke Balls
Money: $15,000


Pokémon: Nincada
Gender: Female
Held Item: shell bell
Level: 12
Moves: Bug buzz, Night slaah, harden, leech life
Ability: Run away
Personality: Naughty
Exp: 0

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Saint Parker Empty Re: Saint Parker

Post  MrBCDummy on Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:39 pm


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