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Pedo, Rapido, Razario

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Pedo, Rapido, Razario Empty Pedo, Rapido, Razario

Post  Red100 on Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:20 am

Poke name: Pedo
Ability: Swift swim/rough skin/breeding: Rampage- The pokemons attack raises three stages upon deffeting 2 pokemon.
Type: water
Type: baby shark
rarity- undtermined
Can be found- Only as an egg or must be breeded.
dex entry: The cute pokemon has enough strength in its teeth to take a bite out of a iron beam.
Looks- Is a 3'2 foot long and 68Lbs red baby like shark, with fins outfited with gold.
Move set-
Lv1- tackle
Lv1- leer
Lv5- bite
Lv7- double team
Lv10- water gun
Lv12- quick attack
Lv15- swift
Lv20- rain dance
Lv24- tail slam
Lv32- mean look
Lv36- Harden
Lv40- mud slap
Breeding moves- Slam,Chrunch,brine,dragon pulse,Recover, Body slam, iron head, aqua jet, acid armor,mud bomb, surf, Dragon dance
Evolution at- Lv34
Name- Rapido
Ability- Same as before
Type- water
Type- Preaditor pokemon
Rarity- Uncommon/HTF (Hard To Find)
Can be found- In the sea of th Rijigun Region, rarily at shores
Dex entry: With the speed of a jet plane, this pokemon can break the sound barrier, and has destroied entire docks.
Looks: Is a 8 foot long 178Lbs red shark with gold plated fins, and has veins of gold running about its body, and a gold helmet on its face (Fited for its face, so its not a human helmet, get it).
Lv34- ice fang
Lv38- Power gem
Lv44- Iron defense
Lv49- Chomp- basicly the strongest of the bite, chrunch moves.
Lv56- Aqua jet
Lv66- hydro pump
Lv70- Rock polish
Evolution- One Big nugget, dragon scale, LV65
Name- Razario
Ability- Same as before
Type- Water Dragon
Type- The King shark
Rarity- Rare
Can be found- In under water ruins
Dex Entry- Little is know about this pokemon, it was nearly hunted to extinction. It eats gold ores, and produces gold ore. The last known Razario spottings were in a few ancenit ruins, reported by explores.
Looks- Is a 12 foot long 445Lbs Red shark. Its entire body is plated in gold, with holes on the side of its body, so the red skin can absorb nutreints. On its upper jaw is a gold set of spikes.
Lv69- Dragon claw
Lv70- Dragon rush
Lv77- Rock polish
Lv79- Smack down
LV82- M-Draco metero/F-outrage


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Pedo, Rapido, Razario Empty Re: Pedo, Rapido, Razario

Post  MrBCDummy on Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:39 am


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