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offical pokemon creation templet

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offical pokemon creation templet Empty offical pokemon creation templet

Post  Red100 on Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:45 pm

Pokemon name: (name of the pokemon)
Ability: (Pokemons ability, if a new ability give a description)
Type1: ( Example- dark, steel, eletric, ect)
Type2: ( Example- axew- the tusk pokemon)
Rarity: ( basic, common, uncommon, Hard To Find, rare, legendary)
Can be found at: (Region, and the route/city/town/place(s) it can be found at, If legendary include the level, and move set it can be found with.)
looks: (How the pokemon looks, a pic is prefered, if not a pic describe it to the best of your abilitys)
Dex entry: (the pokedex entry for the pokemon)
Move set-
(The moves the pokemon learns, and at what level, if you make a new move give a description)
Breeding/ Egg moves- (Tell what moves it can learn throug breeding, only required for the basic stage pokemon.)
Evolution- ( Name of the evolved pokemon and minimum level it evolves, or the item and or time of day requiered if any, and if it has an evolution repeat the above steps except egg moves, no more than 3 stages, Basic, stage1, and stage 2.)
MrBCdummy please PM me for approval, or denial/improvments before I locke the thread.

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