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Rabborn (male), Frajoro

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Rabborn (male), Frajoro Empty Rabborn (male), Frajoro

Post  Red100 on Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:31 pm

Pokemon name: Rabborn (male)
Ability: knee eye/sted fast/defiant
Type1: Normal
Type2: Horned rabbit pokemon
Rarity: Basic
Can be found at: Rijigun region, grass lands and forests
looks: Is a 1'2 gray rabbit that is 13Lbs and has two horns on its fore head. It has no claws and the fur around its ankles and wrists are the thickest and fullest. Its back legs are have hoves instead of feet.
Dex entry: This pokemon is know for its aggresivness. If it sees anyone in its territory it immideitly attacks the foe no matter what size.
Move set-
Hm- rock smash, strength
Lv3 leer
Lv4 defense curl
Lv10 horn attack
lv12 punch
Lv17 Kick
Lv23 furry attack
Lv24 Quick attack
Lv31 bite
Lv35 Stock pile
Lv44 swallow
Lv53 spit up
Breeding/ Egg moves- Quick attack, duoble team, mach punch, take down, frastration
Evolution- Frajoro, a moon stone is needed for evolution at level 20.
Pokemon name:Frajoro
Ability: Stead fast/ guts/ knee eye/ defiant
Type1: Normal fighting
Type2: Aggresive rabbit pokemon
Rarity: Uncommon
Can be found at: Rijigun, Grass lands, forests, mountains
Looks: 6'2 Gray fur rabbit weighing 200Lbs, it has long ears and thin horns attached to its head that go 4inchs out then over its head and gos back until it passes the back of the head. The fur on its ankles and wrist are still the thickest and fullest.
Dex entry: These pokemon is capable of destroying an entire boldure with one punch or kick. If you come across one of these pokemon they chase you until they have knocked you out.
Move set-
HM- strength, rock smash,cut
Lv25- furry attack
Lv28- mach punch
Lv33- quick attaack
Lv42- karat chop
Lv51- close combat
Lv56- stock pile
Lv61- swallow
Lv77- spit up
Lv84- mega horn


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Rabborn (male), Frajoro Empty Re: Rabborn (male), Frajoro

Post  rockon538 on Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:21 pm

ooooooo first evolution nice approved

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