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Stellar city Gym.

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Stellar city Gym. Empty Stellar city Gym.

Post  Blueninja_41 on Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:25 pm

If you stop posting I or others mods will take control of your character so Gym leaders will always be around.

Name:Tristan Freeman
Alias: Tristan
Age: 12
Gender: Male
BirthPlace: Kanto, Viridian City.
Looks: 1M 55CM Tall. Long blond hair and crystal blu eyes. Wears a shiny silver suit when in the gym. When out, he can be found in Jeans and a T-Shirt.
Personality: Friendly. Always likes a good challenge, and can be competitive, but can never have any hate.
Bio: Tristan had an UEneventful childhood. He became interested in flying types ever since he got his first Pidgey at the age of 6. He has then gone on to Train to become the youngest Gym leader in the Whole region.
Specific Style: Flying type. Will use every trick he gan to better his opponent.
Gym Badge Design: Sorry guys, will come as soon as I am on my laptop (Hopefully Tomorrow Smile

Pokemon Must have at least 3

(Note, this is the first Gym!)

Pokémon: Pidgeotto
Nickname: No Nickname
Gender: Male
Level: 11
Moves: Fly, Drill Peck, Gust and Aerial Ace
Ability: Keen Eye (Evaisivness cannot be lowered)
Personality: Bold

Pokemon 2:

Pokémon: Skarmory
Nickname: Skarmory
Gender: Male
Level: 14
Moves: Iron Tail, Fly Ariel Ace, Drill Peck
Ability: Sturdy (Negates 1 Hit Kills)
Personality: Shy

Pokemon 3:

Pokémon: Emolga
Nickname: Emolga
Gender: Female
Level: 15
Moves: Thunder, Shockwave, Fly and Peck
Ability: Static (Any Physical attacks have a chance to paralyse the attacker.
Personality: Friendly


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Stellar city Gym. Empty Re: Stellar city Gym.

Post  MrBCDummy on Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:18 pm


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